Welcome to Roxy's gallery!

Here are a few archive pictures of Roxy.

Archive 7

GOSH (Day T+119)

Taken 30/03/2007

GOSH (Day T+116)

Taken 27/03/07

GOSH (Day T+112)

Taken 23/03/07

GOSH (Day T+107)

Taken 18/03/07

GOSH (Day T+92)

Taken 03/03/07

GOSH (Day T+76)

Taken 15/02/07

GOSH (Day T+74)

Taken 13/02/07

GOSH (Day T+67)

Taken 06/02/07

GOSH (Day T+65)

Taken 04/02/07

GOSH (Day T+45)

Taken 15/01/07

GOSH (Day T+43)

Taken 13/01/07

GOSH (Day T+40)

Taken 10/01/07

GOSH (Day T+27)

Taken 28/12/06

GOSH (Day T+26)

Taken 27/12/06

GOSH (Day T+24)

Taken 25/12/06

GOSH (Day T+23)

Taken 24/12/06

GOSH (Day T+21)

Taken 22/12/06